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Discuss Project

We would be pleased to discuss any aspects of your project, from choice and type of safety surface available, site preparation, drainage. We can offer advice on the choice of play equipment available, zoning for various age groups and equipment layout / location within your playground that will be safe, comply with safety regulations EN1176, EN1177 and Rospa guidelines for safe play.  We can discuss the aesthetics of your proposed project. Colour schemes, Do you want to create an Eco playground, use recycled maintenance free materials. What is the full purpose of the playground - eg Is it a community / village playground to cater for the children in the locality or is it to dual up to eg. cater for tourists in the summer months or have an  obstacle or training course as part of your local  drive to promote fitness in children and teenagers.

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Topics for Discussion :

  • Safety surfaces available / suitability
  • Play equipment availability / suitability
  • Overall design and layout of playground
  • Any potential hazards to be taken into account
  • Colour schemes, materials, Aesthetics


Advantages of Discussion prior to construction of playground:

  • Create a very safe and workable playground
  • Plan how to Save  £1000's on the project
  • Plan a visually attractive playground
  • Fullfill and surpass original design brief
  • Maximise value for money


Cost Savings

Choosing the most appropriate approach to playground design and construction, can  result in savings running into tens of thousands of pounds on the bigger playground projects such as community, village and local authority projects. Other benefits>Taking into account  local hazards at the design stage maximises safety and minimises risk associated with the construction and operation of a new playground.  Sometimes changing the planned location of a playground can solve problems and Save tens of  thousands of pounds.


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We Discuss all playgrounds in detail prior to supply of equipment or undertaking project:

  • School playgrounds
  • Preschool and daycare playgrounds
  • Local Authority playgrounds
  • Hospitals and special needs schools
  • Hotels, Golf clubs playgrounds
  • Holiday resorts playgrounds
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