Wetpour Rubber Safety Tiles

Wetpour Tile - 680 x 480 wm

Low maintenance  Wetpour-Tile™ is a high impact rubber safety tile system. They are used  for schools, child care facilities, montessoris, local authority playgrounds, community and village playgrounds and hospital grounds.  Wetpour-Tile™ rubber safety tiles are designed to cushion the impact when a child lands on them.  Wetpour-Tile™ rubber safety tiles protect children in the event of a fall. The 42mm deep Wetpour-Tile™ rubber safety tile  will achieve a critical fall height of 1.45m  over compacted stone, concrete or tarmac base. 

 Wetpour-Tile™ represents up to 35% lower costs than traditional "mix on site" Wetpour safety surface. Unlike "mix on site" wetpour, Wetpour-Tile™ can be laid in wet and cold conditions. This means that playground installation projects can be undertaken and completed all year round.   Wetpour Tiles are made in two layers: A hard wearing  EPDM top layer and an impact absorbing SBR  lower layer. 

wetpour tiles 

Wetpour-Tile DetailWetpour-Tile™  rubber safety tiles are tested and certified. The critical fall height is determined by independent testing. Critical fall height is a predetermined height ( agreed by the playground regulatory bodies ), that  a child could fall from, from which the child is unlikely to sustain a critical injury, when landing on a particular safety surface. Each large Wetpour-Tile™ rubber safety tile creates the appearance of  4 smaller tiles.  They look very well when installed.  Our wetpour rubber tiles have excellent anti-slip properties, they are very fast to lay down and alot more forgiving of a slightly uneven base than smaller playground rubber tiles. They are an excellent solution for laying over a compacted stone base.

Wetpour-Tile™ 1m x 1m Playground Safety tiles are  heavy, weighing 30kg each. They are designed and certified for commercial, public and domestic playgrounds. We can offer other depths of playground safety tiles.Other depths include ,60mm, 80mm and 100mm.  Wetpour-Tile™ playground safety tiles comply with British, Irish and European safety standards: BSEN1177 - Please Telephone us to discuss safety surface options / ideas. on  tel:  UK & NI   028  87741199,  Rep of Ireland 048  87741199 and Internationally  0044  2887741199


Wetpour tile for playgrounds hopscotch

Main uses include:

  • Primary School playgrounds
  • Creches and  Childcare Facilities
  • Junior Schools
  • Schools & Hospitals
  • Special Needs Schools
  • Hotels, Golf Clubs & Holiday resorts


Main Advantages:

  • Very Safe - range of critical fall heights
  • Designs Available eg Hopscotch set
  • Excellent anti-slip properties
  • Excellent drainage properties - porous
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Visually attractive ( 4 x smaller tiles design)
  • up to 20  year life span


Wetpour Designs For relatively little extra cost a playground can be given a visual lift with one or two multi-coloured wetpour designs incorpoated into it. The Hopscotch Set as shown in photo above right is one of our most popular multi-coloured Wetpour-Tile™ designs. The Hopscotch set is made as 4 individual 1mx1m Wetpour-Tiles ( 4m x 1 m ) that can be incorporated into the Wetpour Playground Tile system. The Hopscotch Set not only adds a colourful dimension to a large safety surface, it is an unobstructive game / activity in it's own right. Creating the wetpour designs in the factory is a very cost effective way of producing colourful designs resulting in lower costs than traditional "mix on site" Wetpour. Wetpour-Tile™ guarantees a consistently high quality, durable safety surface every time.

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The Sun Design as shown in photo to the left was a bespoke design. We designed and made it at the request of our client The Sunshine Creche,based in the town of Kells, Co. Meath in the Republic of Ireland. The Sun Design is the logo of the Creche and symbolises the bright future that awaits every child. The design measures 2m x 2m and is made up of 4 bespoke EPDM Wetpour Playground Tiles.



Main Benefits

The Wetpour-Tile™ has a very high safety rating over concrete. The 42mm Wetpour Playground Tile has a 1.45m Critical Fall Height, Is very Cost effective when compared to other safety surfaces, If vandalised - simply replace with a replacement Wetpour-Tile™, Very Durable / hardwearing - designed to last up to 20 years.


The Economic Case 

There are 6 main reasons to choose Wetpour-Tile™ safety surface.

  • Wetpour-Tile™ represents up to 35% lower costs than traditional "mix on site" Wetpour safety surface
  • Wetpour-Tile™ can be installed in cold weather.
  • Wetpour-Tile™ can be installed in wet weather.
  • Wetpour-Tile™ Protects children from injury in playground - minimise potential for injury / minimise potential for claims
  • Wetpour-Tile™ Does not require specialist equipment to install - any building professional or experienced DIYer can install we provide a full edging system if required, to create ramps up to the safety surface level.
  • Wetpour-Tile™ allows access to Utilities below: The safety tile system can be lifted to gain access to utilities below eg. power cables, gas mains,storm drains,sewer pipesetc and then simply replaced with no loss of material or need for outside expertise


Case Study

Project: Sunshine Creche & After School


Project: ABC Academy

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