Carrickdale Hotel Playground

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Carrickdale Hotel Playground
Located between Dundalk and Newry, just off the M1 Motorway lies the Carrickdale Hotel and Spa. The Carrickdale is a popular choice for wedding receptions and family weekend breaks. The hotel owners wanted to create a low maintenance, high quality playground that complimented the resort but did not occupy a large area. From the outset the playground was seen as an important addition to hotel facilities. The playground created an additional reason for families considering which hotel to stay in, to choose the hotel with the best all round facilities. The Carrickdale has the complete package.

This compact playground  has a lot going on in it's130m2. It has two outdoor  musical instruments; a Xylophone and a Glockenspiel. The Instruments cater for both able and children with mobility or special needs requirements. A wall mounted maze game is a challenge to both children and teenagers alike. Two spring rockers provide excitement for children up to the age of seven.

Measuring 7m long x 4.5m depth The Giant Story Book Castle forms the main feature of this playground. This multi-activity play tower incorporates a junior play tower to the right (lower deck for ages 2 – 4 ) and a higher left tower to the left.(5 – 11 years). Only children of approximately 4 years and older have the physical strength to access the higher level. The left Tower is the themed Banqueting Hall of the castle. Access to the upper level can be achieved by climbing the external climbing walls located on each gable end of the two towers. A climbing ladder to the rear of the octagonal tower provides a third access point. The storybook Castle has two high sided, extra wide safety slides.
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This Junior and senior combination Play system is a truly eco friendly system. The floors are decked with anti-slip low maintenance Deck25 composite decking made from recycled plastic bottles and wood fibre. The sides are made from recycled plastics. The play system will never need to be painted or treated. Galvanised steel anchors support the engineered laminated vertical beams. The laminated vertical beams are protected with a 4 stage protection coating system.

The low maintenance rubber safety surface was accomplished using our long life commercial safety tiles, each 1mx1m tile weighs 30kg each and has a durability rating of up to 20years. The area was excavated first. Structural stone was laid down, then a top layer of finer stone (804) was laid, graded and rolled. A high quality permeable geo-textile was laid and the tiles were positioned on top. The result is a hardwearing low maintenance safety surface.

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