Fota Island Playground

fota island playground


Fota Island Playground
Fota island which is located east of Cork city is famous for it’s wildlife park, where it boasts the largest population of cheetahs outside of their native Africa. Adjacent to the Wildlife park is the Fota Island Holiday Resort with it’s 5 star luxury Hotel and Leisure suite, 27 Hole Golf course, Tennis courts and 120 house Holiday Village.

Installed in February 2011 the new 1 acre eco-playground sits between the holiday village on one side and the tennis courts to the left and golf course to it’s rear. The playground is divided into two zones. The junior zone is located to the front and contains various spring activities: Zebra, elephant and Horse. The junior Castle themed tower with safety slide and steps are also located in this zone.

The senior playground runs from left to right across the ridge at the rear of the playground. Play equipment items include a Giant birds Nest swing, which is an inclusive piece of play equipment ( can accommodate up to four children at a time ) including children with special needs. A surfboard balancer which promotes balance and co-ordination. Set further back is a 3-way ball catcher which can be used by a single child or in various team ball games.

The central feature of the playground is the beautiful low maintenance “Fairytale Castle”. This unit is a themed multi activity double tower climbing frame. Sited on the ridge line, it’s silhouette forms the central feature of the playground. The Fairytale Castle looks and feels like a castle, with it’s double towers, battlements and arched bridge linking the two towers. The Fairytale Castle has a large vertical climbing wall and climbing ramp on the first tower. The second tower hosts the large 3.6m safety slide and vertical climbing ladder.

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The Fairytale Castle is a 90% eco product and virtually maintenance free. The sides and floor are made from recycled plastics. The floor and climbing ramp are sheeted with Deck25 low maintenance, anti slip plastic composite material. This low maintenance material has a life expectancy in excess of 25 years and will never need painted ar treated.

In keeping with both the aesthetics and environmental ethos of Fota Island, the Fota Island holiday resort playground had to look and feel natural. That is why our eco rubber grass matting system was chosen over all other safety surface systems. The eco grass matting becomes invisible after approx six weeks of grass growth. The playground blends perfectly with the rest of the golf course and hotel complex. The new playground has been very well received by visitors and residents alike. The playground completes the 80 acre holiday and golf resort.

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