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Brandon and Cloghan Community Playground
Brandon and Cloghan communities face the Atlantic Ocean. This rural community on the northern side of the Dingle Peninsula in Co. Kerry boasts some of the best sandy beaches in Ireland. The main industries are tourism, fishing and farming. This remote rural community speak gaelic as their first and preferred language. Brandon is reputably the last port of call for St. Brendan, who according to legend, set sail from Ireland and discovered America long before Columbus.

The playground design had to cater for a, The local community b, The pupils who attend the Gaelteact, (Irish speaking School for non-native speakers of the language). c, The tourists who visit the area, normally arriving from the Fishing port town of Dingle on the southern side of the peninsula, cut through the mountains via the Connor Pass and arrive in Brandon.
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The playground caters for ages 2 to 12 years. It is enclosed with walls on 3 sides and a galvanised round top 1m high safety fence to the front. As you face the playground the junior play area is on the left, the senior play area is to the right. The junior area of the playground contains: a low level Roofed Tower and slide, a Spring Horse, a Spring Motorbike and a junior enclosed Double Swing. The senior section contains a large roofed Play Tower with a climbing wall and a 3.6m safety slide. There is also a set of Overhead Bars (monkey bars) and a set of Double Rings (Olympic style ).other equipment includes supervision benches, a litter bin and a game of X+O’s which can be played by children from a wheelchair.

The safety surface is formed using our long life, heavy duty 1mx1m rubber safety tiles. Our 45mm tiles have a critical fall height of 1.5m. A fall was created in the concrete base to direct surface water towards the drains at the front of the playground.

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