Edenmore Girls School Playground

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Edenmore Girls School Playground
St Eithne’s Girls school is a large urban primary school near Raheny, in North Dublin. The playground was designed to fulfil two roles: a, to create an activity based option for break-times and b, to promote and improve pupils fitness levels. We (Several teachers and one of our surveyors ) looked at and assessed various areas around the school to site the playground. The tarmac school yard was required to cater for the large school population. Yard space was also required for fire drills. We eventually settled on an unused grassed area to the side of the school. This area was reasonably flat, requiring little top soil, grass growth was well established and there was a good depth of sod that was capable of supporting the eco grass matting system.
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A large play tower with two access points caters for both the juniors and senior classes. Steps to the back of the tower allows access to the tower by the younger children (ages 4 – 6 ). A large, slightly inclined climbing wall provides a significant physical challenge to the older children. Spring rockers also cater for the juniors.

All of the equipment can be used individually or as part of an obstacle course. The obstacle course begins with the Burmese rope bridge, then the overhead bars (monkey Bars), balance beam (Low level). Next is the Vertical spiders web scramble net, where the child scrambles up the net and negotiates their way through the centre of the net and down the other side. The obstacle course continues as the child climbs up the inclined climbing wall, which requires considerable strength and co-ordination to do so. When they reach the top of the climbing wall they drop into the Play tower. On reaching the top of the Play tower the child feels a sense of accomplishment. The child slides down the safety slide to complete the course.

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