ABC Academy - Cork Playground

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ABC Academy and Montessori Playground

Completed in March 2011, the ABC Academy is a privately owned, purpose built crèche and Montessori located in the village of Kilworth in North Co. Cork. The purpose built premises has a large low maintenance playground, an eco vegetable garden, a large secure car park, sensory soft play rooms and a large kitchen for preparing and cooking fresh organic food each day. We listened carefully to the requirements of the owners to get a clear understanding of their vision and requirements. Through a series of discussions the final design emerged, which we manufactured and installed. Our 2.4m anti-climb security fence secured the back and sides of the premises, encompassing the playground, the sports field and the eco vegetable garden. The entire front of the premises was fenced with our 1m high safety fencing. The safety fencing ensures that children cannot access the car park without adult assistance thereby minimising risk associated with moving vehicles. The playground is located to the right of the building and to the rear of the adjacent Blue Church. We designed the large low maintenance Double Tower to create a strong visual presence and located it towards the rear of the playground. Using recycled plastic panels and anti-slip Deck25 plastic composite decking the structure is not only visually stunning but also virtually maintenance free. The seating area below both of the towers can accommodate up to 16 children and is designed in such a way as to encourage free flow of movement through and below the play system. A single set of stairs combined with a single exit down the 3.6m safety slide creates enormous excitement while maximising child safety.
Junior Spring Activities
Our enclosed spring activities: the tractor, the sheep and the zebra ensure that a child cannot fall out of the spring activities. Our high quality spring activities are virtually indestructible, made from recycled plastic and are virtually maintenance free. They will never require painting or treatment.
Safety Surface
The site of the playground was excavated, filled with structural stone then topped with 804 blinding, to a depth of 250mm It was then vibrated and rolled to the required falls. The 1mx1m heavy duty Wetpour-Tile™ safety tiles were laid on a permeable geotextile fabric in a 3:1 ratio 75% red and 25% green. The green safety tiles were laid in a circuit, around which push and pedal buggies are now driven. The ABC Academy Crèche/Montessori is now full and has a waiting list.


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