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Play Equipment Quality

Quality and safety go hand in hand. We operate very high quality standards in all aspects of our company.

Quality in our Wooden Outdoor playground equipment ( residential and  commercial ). All of our timber based equipment is manufactured from slow grown scandinavian white and red deal. Only carefully selected Kiln dried stock is used. The timber is strength graded in accordance with TRADA  BSEN and only the strongest pieces  are used to manufacture our range of outdoor playground equipment from. All of our timber stock is sourced from sustainable forest resourses FSC certificated programmes. All of our wooden outdoor play equipment ( both residential and commercial ) is pressure impregnated to maximise it's working life. Our commercial wooden based outdoor playground equipment is additionally protected with a protection primer, then a main protection coating and finally an acrylic tough coat which completes our four part protection system. All of our residential systems comply with european safety requirements BSEN 71 and all of our commercial playground equipment has been tested to BSEN1176 all components are TUV certified 

Quality in our metal playground equipment ( public and commercial ). All of our metal outdoor playground equipment  is made from high quality mild steel that is formed and welded prior to being protected with hot dip galvanising. Each component is carefully deburred  and finally coated with a hardwearing plastic coating ( this final coating provides additional protection, gives the product its attractive colour and guarantees the smooth safe finish of every component and every piece of outdoor playground equipment. All of our metal outdoor playground equipment is designed and manufactured for fast and accurate assembly on site. We use stainless steel anti-vandal lock bolts throughout our entire  public and commercial playground range. Some of our steel playground equipment systems allow for height adjustments even when installed. for example on the horizontal exercicise bars or stepping rails on the overhead monkey bar system. All of our Public and commercial playground equipment has been TUV tested and complies with BSEN1176 safety standards.

Quality: Safety surfaces: We use recycled granulated rubber ( metal and fibre free ) and coloured EPDM in the manufacture of our rubber safety surface systems. Our main rubber safety tiles systems include rubber paving, wetpour rubber safety tiles and our all weather pitch interlocking rubber mat system. They are manufactured in a carefully controlled factory environment. High quality rubber safety surfaces are achieved by careful control over the manufacturing and curing process.  control over mixing ratios, pressure and temperature is crucial to producingconsistentley high quality safety surfaces.



commercial play equipment

Main quality summary:

  • All Timber components Trada Certified
  •  All Timber components from FSC Cert. source
  • All components TUV tested and certified
  • All steel equipment TUV tested and certified
  • All commercial play equipment to BSEN1176
  • All rubber safety surfaces to BSEN1177

Key Areas where quality Matters:

  • Manufacture of wooden playground equipment
  • Manufacture of steel playground equipment
  • Manufacture of rubber safety surface systems
  • manufacture of safety fencing systems
  • In the design and layout of a playground
  • Full after service - spare parts / servicing


Cost Savings

Using High quality outdoor playground equipment, which is carefully selected for the appropriate age group, will minimise potential for problems in the future. We define high quality outdoor playground equipment as being highly durable , requires minimal annual maintenance and has been designed to maximise enjoyment by children while maximising their safety.


Other benefits

Quality matters to our company.  We strive to provide and maintain high quality standards with regard to all projects that we are involved in;  from initial discussion, site survey and  design through to installation, commisioning and after sales service.




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Fairytale Castle Quality matters for all of these types of playgrounds:

  • School playgrounds
  • Preschool and daycare playgrounds
  • Local Authority playgrounds
  • Hospitals and special needs schools
  • Hotels, Golf clubs playgrounds
  • Holiday resorts playgrounds


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