The Fairytale Castle

The Fairytale Castle

The Fairytale Castle

The Fairytale Castle  is the beautiful low maintenance  multi activity play system. It  is a themed multi activity Double tower climbing frame. It is designed to cater for ages 5 to 11 years.  The Fairytale Castle is often included in large playgrounds as the central feature. The Fairytale Castle looks and feels like a Castle and stimulates the imagination accordingly. With it’s double towers, battlements and arched bridge linking the two towers. The Fairytale Castle has a large vertical climbing wall and climbing ramp on the first tower. The second tower hosts the large 3.6m safety slide and vertical climbing ladder.

Commercial Play EquipmentMain Play Features include:

  • 2 x Castle Towers
  • 1 x Arch bridge joining both Towers
  • 1 large 3.6m safety slide
  • 1 x Climbing ramp
  • 1 x vertical climbing wall
  • 1 x vertical climbing ladder
  • 4 Access / Exit points

Low maintenance Features:

  • low maintenance Deck25 climbing ramp
  • Anti-slip, low maintenance Deck25 floor
  • Visually attractive low maintainance panels
  • HDPE plastic Vertical climbing wall
  • twin skined slide with high safety sides
  • heavy duty galvanised steel anchor system
  • Stainless steel fixings used to secure panels
  • Engineered Structural timber beams -treated, primed, lacquered and wax coated.
  • Up to 20 year working  life


Cost Savings:

This piece of playground Equipment is designed and built to last for many years without the need for painting or replacing parts. Installing Outdoor Play Equipment that is designed and made with low maintenance recycled materials make excellent business sense. - minimal maintenance for up 20 years represents substantial cost savings both in terms of chemicals, savings on replacement parts or even entire structures  manpower and management time.


The Fairytale Castle is an Eco Product:

The Fairytale Castle is a 90% eco product and virtually maintenance free. The sides and floor are made from recycled plastics. The floor and climbing ramp are sheeted with Deck25 low maintenance, anti slip plastic composite material. This low maintenance material has a life expectancy in excess of 25 years and will never need painted or treated.
fairytale castle commercial play equipment

Main uses include:

  • Parks,
  • Community Playgrounds
  • Schools & Hospitals
  • Hotels, Golf clubs & Holiday Resorts

Main Advantages:

  • Very low maintenance.
  • Visually attractive 
  • Contains loads of play Activities
  • up to 20 year  life span

Colours Available:

We can manufacture our low maintenace play structures  in a range of colours, we can arrange to insert a clients logo or emblem into our low maintenance play systems. 

Manufacturing lead time is normally  4 weeks  from written confirmation of order


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